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10 Tips for Perfect Waterlox Butcher Block

There’s a lot out there about applying Waterlox and before getting started on my first project I read and watched it all. Still, I worried and fretted over applying the stuff to my very first countertop. Having now Waterloxed eleven countertops – whew! – I’ve got some tried and true tips to share with my fellow Passionate Chumps. Here ya go!
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How to Remove Paint From a Concrete Floor

Our concrete floor was covered in glossy, chipped paint that was a shade of…brown? Tan? Orange? Awful. I wasn’t sure what I would find under that paint; I just knew it had to go. Here’s how I accomplished that and discovered a terrific old school stamped concrete floor I didn’t know I had!
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Waterlox on Butcher Block: 4 Years Later

We’ve now had Waterloxed counters in our unit for about four years. They sport four coats of Waterlox Original Sealer and a final coat of Waterlox Satin Finish. All of that Waterlox is put to the test daily. Find out how we’ve had to maintain them, how they’ve performed, and whether or not we’d choose to use Waterlox on butcher block again.
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